Wow wow wow, where do I start. Dan was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better inspector. He responded immediately, was very nice and informative over the phone, had full confidence in what he does, gave me options, and walked me through his processes. My families safety was his first priority.

He inspected our home like it was his own. He touched, moved, tested, and explained everything throughout the process. He has every tool needed to do the job the right way. Gas detectors, pressure gages, moisture detectors, you name it. He came prepared to investigate every corner.

He explained what things were, how they worked, and had patience for every question or concern I had.

We came across some concerning issues that we were able to get the builder to take care of right away, with the safety of my family and the rest of the builders in mind. If it was not for Dan, we could have had some serious issues happen during the inspection or shortly after which could have seriously injured the workers/us or compromised the work that was already done.

Dan’s final report which had tons of pictures, comments, and suggestions was produced and visible a couple hours after the inspection. HUGE BONUS!

Key takeaways:

Do not settle for the cheapest company out there. You never know who you will get.

Our home is new construction home and I would suggest everyone to get an inspection, whether it is new or old. I felt fully relieved after the inspection.

Always get an inspection. Spend the extra funds for the peace of mind and to prevent potential long term issues that can cost thousands.

Go with an inspector that has confidence, experience, and patience.

Go with Dan!!!! He has all the answers you need and won’t let you down!!

Overall I could not be happier! We did the inspection, radon test, and sewer test. I will recommend Dan to everyone out there. He is the top dog, hands down

Thanks Dan!!!