Colorado Home Inspection Plus recommends that you have your new home evaluated by considering a One Year Warranty inspection.  This will assure you that the quality of the builder is in accordance to todays standards and that even the smallest of details are addressed.  Its the small details that can make the all the difference in future of the condition of your new home.

A One Year Warranty is additional assurance by a neutral third party to hold the home builder accountable to the standards you deserve.

One example is sealing around windows that protect your new home from moisture intrusion into the home.  This will assure that the the trim and siding condition will be prolonged and prevent substantial damage to your new home.  In extreme cases, window seals can be compromised by moisture intrusion in these areas and eventually a replacement of the window, siding and trim is required.  Examination of all the major components of your home is provided insuring that any additional defects can be addressed to the builder.

Also, this is a great time to address testing of radon and the main sewer line.  Many home builders no longer address these concerns and leave them up to the new owner. 

Peace of mind for a competitive price is all part of protecting your new home provided by Colorado Home Inspection Plus.

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